Why is it so hard?

Here in the States, we are celebrating Halloween, and all things sweet and spooky!

I hear a lot of women, particularly moms, groaning about the onslaught of candy that is happening in homes across the country right now.

Partly because your kids are going to be hyped up on sugar, and partly because you are now dealing with having lots of candy in your home, which can be hard to resist.

Whatever your stance on sugar, I think we can all agree that eating lots and lots of candy isn’t ideal for promoting things like weight loss, balanced hormones, and great skin.

Changing our habits often feels hard enough without having constant temptation to boot.

So this got me thinking - why is it so hard to change?

I mean, you’re clear on wanting better health - whether that is better energy, a slimmer or leaner physique, smooth easy cycles, sounder sleep, clearer skin, or less pain.

And often you know, or at least have a sense, what to do - what changes to make - whether that’s eating more healthfully, taking time to move regularly, getting to bed earlier, or doing something to balance daily stress.

So why aren’t you doing it?

Believe me, I’ve asked myself this question many, many times because this disconnect between what we say we want and the actions we’re taking happens to EVERYONE.

I don’t care how smart, how successful, how disciplined, or how educated you are - EVERYONE experiences this disconnect.

In fact, it’s sort of built in to the human condition.

The secret lies in understanding what it is and, more importantly, how to address it.

So what is it?

What it all boils down to is the inner tug-of-war between what I like to lovingly call Little You and Big You.

Little You is that part of you that wants you to stay safely inside your comfort zone - and for good reason - the sole job of this part of yourself is to keep you safe and alive.

Big You is that part of you that wants to grow, evolve, expand - get better - healthier, happier, more alive.

We all have Little You and Big You inside of us, and whenever we try to make a change, even if it’s in our best interest, Little You will get the memo to do whatever it takes to keep you inside your comfort zone.

And things don’t get better inside your comfort zone.

So to make the changes that get you the results you want, Big You ultimately needs to win the day.

This is exactly where we struggle because we haven’t learned how to navigate the natural tug-of-war between Little You and Big You.

Personally, I have found that having support in nurturing that Big You part of yourself is key to strengthening this part so it can, in fact, win the day.

Someone outside of yourself can more quickly and effectively help you identify and navigate your blind spots, so you can ultimately overcome them.

In fact, this is a key element of the work I do with women to support them in not only knowing what to do but also in actually doing it.

Here are some simple steps to support you in beginning to navigate this process for yourself:

  • Understand that there is a Little You part of you and a Big You part of you; neither is good or bad, right or wrong; but helping Big You grow stronger will support you in continuing to grow and evolve
  • Notice when you are being led by Little You and when you’re being led by Big You
          *Hint: If your actions aren’t getting you where you want to go, you’re likely being led in that area by Little You.
  • Take steps to nurture, strengthen, and develop that Big You part of yourself

So when faced with leftover Halloween goodies, where Little You wants to face plant into the candy bowl and Big You would really love to focus on foods that support you in feeling fit, energized, and happy, you may want to let Little You know you understand that she wants to go for the immediate enjoyment of eating all the candy. You may decide to enjoy one or two pieces and then you follow through with Big You’s plan by getting rid of the rest of the candy - donating it to a program, your local dentist, or even just tossing it.

And, remember, that when it comes to making lifestyle changes, you don’t have to go it alone.

Talk to like-minded family, friends, or colleagues - take a class - read a book - or hire a professional who can support you in strengthening that Big You part of yourself so you can finally get the results you’ve been wanting.

To Your Best Health,
Kendall Ritz, MD


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