Here are some words from previous patients about their results

and experience working with Dr. Ritz:

Well I was recently diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. All I read online was really depressing. I couldn’t find answers to what I have. I signed up to online support groups and it was even more depressing. I was very confused about what the disease was and about treatments. My local GI doctor was not much help and I refused to think that my only choice was to be on medication for most of life and that eventually half of my intestines had to be removed.

I think the biggest challenge was to find a Doctor that would listen to me, that would work with me and with my choice of treatments. My first UC flare up was so dramatic and brutal that I suffer from PTSD and trying to sleep at night was almost impossible. I felt alone and lost and helpless.

One of the problems was I had nobody to talk to about my problem. Yes my friends listened to me for a while, but after months of suffering I was embarrassed of talking about the same thing over and over. I tried to deal with this on my own, but it was a big load to carry. I was very weak, tired all the time. I could hardly function. I isolated myself mostly because I was afraid of going out. I couldn’t eat for months or I would be drinking chicken broth all day, every day. I would wake up in middle of the night afraid or I would cry myself to sleep. I had panic attacks whenever I would feel something similar to my symptoms. It was a very dark time in my life.

Since day one I knew I was going to get better. Just the fact that she was willing to listen to me; to help me sorting  things out was amazing. Every session was better than the other. I will follow her suggestions and she will listen to mines and give me ideas.  I don’t wake up in middle of the night with panic attacks anymore. I am happier as to I know I can be on remission. I know that with diet, exercise, meditation, yoga, supplements and some medications,  I can stay healthy. I go to bed and wake up looking forward to life. I learned that I have to live in the present and things are not always going  to go the way you want, but it is OK. I always look forward to her sessions. She is always so positive and happy.

~Sorelis D., 50+


I was exhausted all the time but couldn’t sleep.  My body hurt all the time, and I couldn’t comfortably wear most shoes by the end of the day from my feet swelling.  I had tried a variety of different dietary restrictions, with no success, so I had regular stomach aches and cramps that I could not avoid, along with pretty significant bloating and GI inflammation as the day progressed.  In essence, by the end of the day I was extremely uncomfortable, exhausted, and unable to actually sleep.

I had tried a variety of techniques and treatments (e.g., talking to my general practitioner, taking general supplements and vitamins, herbalist, chiropractor, acupuncture, general efforts taken on my own about diet and exercise) to manage any of these symptoms but was unable to get any real or lasting relief.  When I heard about her targeted approach, I was excited to get some actual answers as to the cause of my issues rather than a “try everything and see what sticks” approach that I had been given in the past.  I was exhausted, miserable, stressed, anxious, and desperate for any kind of relief.

The most tangible things are: I am able to sleep at night – if I wake up even once (as opposed to 6-8 times before the program), it’s a rarity.  My hands and feet no longer swell, and my stomach doesn’t hurt – unless I make poor choices about what I eat and how it affects my body differently than other people’s.  It seems obvious, but it’s pretty exciting that I now can identify the choices that make my stomach – and my body as a whole – hurt rather than it being a mystery.  I also lost 40 pounds as a side effect of getting healthier and addressing all the other issues – and have kept it off since finishing the program.   

~Elle, 35


It was difficult to sleep and breathe.  The sinus infections would cause an asthma flare up.  I was constantly on antibiotics and prednisone (my daughter called these the “grumpy pills”).  I had become resistant or allergic to so many antibiotics. I felt awful and seemed to be sick all of the time.

I had taken antibiotics every year for at least twenty years.  At its worst, I took seven courses (plus five rounds of prednisone) in one year.  At this point, I haven’t taken antibiotics or prednisone in almost two years.   When a cold goes around, I don’t fear that I might get it.  When I do get a cold, I will still flare up, but then it goes away in a few weeks.  Before, it would take several months to clear. I have more energy, sleep better, and I am sure that I am a lot more enjoyable to be around (no more “grumpy pills”).  

~Melissa, 44