Let’s face it, as women (and men:), we want to feel amazing.  

Not just “fine”, not just “okay”, but amazing.  

And to me, that means feeling hot, feeling happy, and feeling healthy.

As an MD who has gone through traditional training, I've come out the other side realizing that while the conventional medical approach to health can be miraculous in many cases, for a lot of women (and men:) feeling tired, foggy, older than you really are, or fat, frumpy, and wondering where your figure went, it falls short.

Likewise, you may be struggling with symptoms or a diagnosis, and wanting more for yourself than the typical "pill for life" approach. 

You want a practitioner who's willing to take the time to get clear on what's happening in your body and why so you find a more definitive solution.

That’s where I come in.  As an MD practicing Lifestyle Medicine, I help women (and men:) like you who are ready to step up and make your health, life, and body a priority.  

You’re ready to feel amazing, look amazing, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to rock your life before life passes you by.

Patients often tell me they’re feeling “off”, they may have specific complaints, suspect their hormones are out of whack or are looking to address a diagnosis in a more natural way.  

The common thread is that they have somehow lost their spark, and they desperately want to get it back.  

They feel limited by their bodies and are ready for a change.

Through Lifestyle Medicine, which is a truly holistic approach to health, I look at each and every aspect of your life and lifestyle to get a clear sense of all the pieces that are contributing to how you’re feeling.  Think beyond diet and exercise, although those are important pieces of the puzzle. 

I always start with extensive lab testing, based on my Functional Medicine background and expertise.  This allows us to zero in on root causes of imbalance which is a much more powerful and effective starting point.  Depending on your situation, we may also look at Lifestyle factors like stress levels and sources of stress, emotional health and balance, sexual health and vibrance, creative expression, environment, and relationships.  

And the biggest missing piece I see in women?  Pleasure.  We're so busy, stressed, over-scheduled, overwhelmed, and exhausted, that the very things that will help us feel better often take a back seat to the daily grind.

At the end of the day, these are the very things that create the big picture of what your health really looks and feels like.

Somehow we’ve gotten off track by only looking at things like the scale, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.  Of course, those can be helpful indicators as to what’s going on inside your body, but they don’t give the total picture of what we REALLY need to look and feel amazing.  

That’s where Lifestyle Medicine comes in- together, you and I look at all of you- labs and lifestyle- so you can get really clear on what is “off”, and then we create a targeted plan that is unique to you.  

And that plan leads to you feeling hot, happy, and healthy once again.

Think about it, if your car was making an unusual noise, what would you do?  Take it to a mechanic, right?  The mechanic would run all kinds of diagnostic tests on your car to locate the cause of the issue.  And when they report back to you what needs to happen to fix it, in most cases, you would choose to fix it.  Before it broke down.

If we treat our cars this well, why not ourselves?

That is why after completing a double residency in both Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, I decided to start a practice that addresses patients and health as a whole.  I believe this is where we achieve our best, most long-lasting results.

This is an exciting, emerging field and there is such a need for you to be seen and cared for in every area of your life, simply because it impacts how you feel each and every day.

Don’t you deserve to really feel your best?  I think so.  

And that is exactly why I do what I do.  

The Technicalities of Me

I've had a longstanding interest in nutrition, and its relation to overall health. I also have a deep-seated belief in the amazing capacity of the human body to heal.  I entered medical school with this in mind, and throughout my training, I experienced first-hand both the miracles and limitations of modern medicine.  I pursued training outside of my conventional medical training, throughout medical school and residency, as a way to explore treatments that could make a big difference in patients’ health and lives.

I went on to become Board-Certified in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics after training locally at Christiana Care and AI DuPont Hospital for Children in Delaware. During my medical residency, I received additional training at the renowned Whitaker Wellness Institute in Newport Beach, California as well as the medical unit at Canyon Ranch in the beautiful Berkshires, Massachusetts.

In 2007, Brandywine Center for Integrative Medicine was established to help women (and men:) achieve better life balance and vibrant health. I then combined my training in both Internal (adult) Medicine and Pediatrics with specialty training in Functional and Age Management Medicine. Using this combined approach, with the addition of a coaching certification, I now work closely with women (and men:) like you to help them achieve the health and life they have been hoping for and deserve.   

Your quality of life should be off the charts, and I can to help guide you there.

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