Want Vibrant Health? Then answer this question...

In the spirit of promoting, inviting, and encouraging you to embrace the very things that will help you create and experience vibrant health for yourself, I have to ask you a question...

How well do you know your body???

Now, before you answer, I want you to pause, close your eyes, and take a breath. 

Be really honest with yourself. 

And let me be clear about what I’m not talking about. 

I’m not talking about how much you weigh, how many steps you take a day, or your blood pressure. 

I’m not talking about your cholesterol level, or what diagnoses you’ve been labeled with, or what meds you take. 

And I’m not talking about which “hot” diet you’re on, what superfoods you eat daily, or even the results of your genomic testing. 

Not that these things aren’t relevant to your health - they are. 

But we are so hyper-focused on metrics and what other “experts” are telling us we should do or need to do, that in many cases we’ve completely lost touch with our own bodies. 

You’ve probably been taught to view the body as purely, or mostly, mechanical - a sort of advanced machine, run by a powerful supercomputer located in your head. 

A brilliant and miraculous machine, but a machine nonetheless. 

A machine that can be run down, even broken, in which case it needs to be fixed. 

So you bring it into the repair shop, your doctor or other health practitioner, find out what’s “wrong”, and do your best to fix it. 

I know that’s how I viewed the body - a view that was reinforced in my medical training, and that I continued to embrace - until very recently. 

My guess is that on some level you have this view too - if you have symptoms, or a diagnosis - if you’re overweight or low on energy - if your mood hovers somewhere between feeling low or down and overwhelmed or anxious on any given day - if your periods are an unpredictable nightmare - you never know what you’re gonna get, but you can bet it won’t be good.  

Or maybe you’ve been struggling to get pregnant, to lose the weight, to feel like you can finally get ahead of it and start having more good than not so good days, only to go another month with no change. And another. And another. 

Of course, sometimes the solution lies in finding what is “off” in the body and supporting it directly, whether that is through addressing low nutrient levels, hormonal wackiness, or immune imbalance - this is the beauty and power of taking a mechanical approach. 

But there is much more to it, and in most cases, a purely mechanical approach to the body is incomplete. 

Why would that be, you may ask? 

Because the body is more, much more, than a mere machine. 

In my experience working with lots of women on creating the health they’re looking for, I have seen where the purely mechanical approach falls short. 

It helps, yes, but it’s not enough on its own. 

I’ve also learned to view the body and health from a different perspective - one that ultimately puts you in control, rather than feeling like you’re at the mercy of an uncooperative, poorly behaved, or genetically doomed body that seems to be disappointing you or failing you at every turn. 

It’s a big topic, for sure, and one I’ll continue to talk about. 

It’s a process and a journey. 

But for now, the best thing for you to know is where to start.

You start with getting to know your body - I mean REALLY know your body - not just the measurements or metrics, but get to know her on a deeper level. 

Why is this important? 

This is VITAL because when you really know your body, you can tune into what she’s asking for, and you can give her what she wants, what she needs. 

Whether that’s taking a break, saying “no” to something that doesn’t really light you up, taking more time to nourish yourself with beautiful foods, or dancing in the moonlight. 

It could be spending more time outside, shutting off your computer at 5pm, or finding ways to move your body that feel good, that you enjoy, that you love! 

It could be spending time playing with your kids instead of shooshing them or telling them to go play while you tune out with Facebook or a work “emergency”. 

It could be one of a million different possibilities, all of which are going to be unique to YOU as the unique woman you are. 

But you’ll never really know until you begin to get to know yourself, your body, and what she really wants and needs. 

And no “expert” can tell you what it is for you - only you can do that for yourself - which is the initial challenge but also the ultimate beauty. 

Only you know. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t ask for outside help or support. 

But you have to be part of the process. 

And when you get to know what your body really wants and needs, and you give it to her, vibrant health results. 

Looking and feeling amazing - full of energy, zest, spark - happy, eager, interested - turned on and excited about your day-to-day.

So go ahead, start to get to know that amazing, beautiful, miraculous body of yours. 

What does she like? 

What feels good to her? 

What does she crave?  

What lights her up? 

What turns her on? 

What do you need to embrace to help her thrive? 

What do you need to let go of? 

Be patient with yourself - like any new relationship, getting to know your body takes time - I can vouch for this myself as I continue to get to know my own body at deeper and deeper levels. 

And celebrate the process because the payoffs are nothing short of miraculous. 

It’s worth it - you’re worth it.  

To Your Best Health,
Dr. Kendall Ritz