Giving Thanks for Your Incredible Body:)

If you live in the US, Happy Thanksgiving!!

And even if you don’t, giving thanks always feels good:) 

So this week I have a special invitation for you. 

I invite you to give thanks for your incredible, amazing, wise and powerful body. 

That’s right, I said incredible, amazing, wise, and powerful. 

Because you know what? 

No matter what your body looks like or what it feels like, it is all of those things. 

And if it’s not looking, feeling, or performing in the way that you’d like, chances are it’s simply doing its job of letting you know that something has to change. 

I’ve talked quite a bit before about how symptoms and health challenges are ultimately simply information. 

Your body letting you know that something about what you’re currently doing, how you’re currently living, is not working for you. 

And honestly, what a gift. 

It might not feel good, it might not be easy to hear, and it might not feel easy to change. 

But your body will never stop telling you the truth. 


Because it wants you to look and feel as amazing as you are designed to feel. 







So no matter what your body looks or feels like today, I invite you to thank your body- to acknowledge her for all she does for you, to appreciate the aspects of her that you can genuinely feel thankful for, and to deeply connect with the truth that she will never let you get away with being less than your best.  

With fierceness and tenacity, she will NEVER give up on you, because she knows what you’re capable of.  

What a beautiful gift- the gift of truth, the gift of respect, and the gift of life.  

With deep love, admiration, and appreciation to you for being a member of my community, and with such appreciation for your incredible body,  

Kendall Ritz MD

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