Feeling Hot??? [Part 2]

Hello and Happy July!

How’s it feeling where you are?

Still hot, sunny, and feeling like summer here near Philadelphia. :-) 

Last week we talked about some simple, and perhaps surprising, ways to feel better in your body - to feel the HOT you really want to be feeling.   

Did you notice how you’re talking to yourself?   

If it wasn’t the kind of talk you’d expect or tolerate from a close friend, did you make efforts to shift it? 

And if so, what did you notice? 

This is a big topic and there are lots of angles to it - which is great news for you because it means there are many ways you can begin to feel better, hotter, more you. 

This week’s focus is all about taking a stand for the very things that will support you in feeling your best. 

Begin to honor yourself by honoring your own wants and needs. 

This is really an extension of self-talk because once you start talking to yourself in a kinder, more supportive way, you will likely notice that you want to begin to treat yourself in other ways that are kinder and more supportive, just like any other close friend or loved one in your life. 

And that involves honoring your own wants and needs. 

We’ve all heard the airplane spiel - “put on your own oxygen mask first” - and for most people, this makes sense. 

But when it comes to women and honoring our own needs and desires in our day-to-day lives, you may find that your wants and needs fall to the bottom of the list, especially when life gets busy, feels stressful, or we are being bombarded by the wants and needs of others, be it our kids, our partners, family, or friends.  

As women, we are nurturers by nature - the problem is that most of us haven’t been taught how to nurture and care for others without doing it at our own expense. 

So what does this have to do with health?   

Or hormonal imbalance? 

Or feeling hot- the kind of hot we want to feel?  

In pure physiological terms, it all boils down to stress.  

And stress can come in many shapes and sizes.  

Our bodies speak to us through sensations and symptoms.    

Stress is a huge factor when it comes to rocky perimenopause or symptoms related to other types of hormonal imbalance.   

And a huge source of stress for women? 

Putting yourself last. 

Saying “yes” when you really want to say “no”. 

Living your life based on “should’s” and “ought to’s”. 

Pleasing others at your own expense. 

So take a look at your life, and see where you can start to honor yourself and your own wants and needs. 

And begin to take steps to do so. 

This can be a simple as saying “no” when you mean no, getting up 15 minutes earlier in the morning to enjoy some quiet “me”-time, or looking at one activity you can cross off your list because it is a “should” or an “ought to”. 

Pick one thing to add, subtract, or change and add, subtract, or change it. 

Then notice how you feel - my guess is you will notice feeling more energized, more spark, and more empowered which translates to feeling hotter, happier, and healthier! 

Want to learn more about other ways you can redefine and reclaim feeling hot for yourself? 

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To Your Best Health,
Dr. Kendall Ritz☺