Are you ready to choose pleasure?

How are you feeling?

Are you starting to feel the shift into end-of-summer, back-to-school energy? 

Did you have an opportunity to enjoy the recent solar eclipse? 

Here’s another question for you - how are you feeling about adding more pleasure to your life, and focusing on pleasure more during your day-to-day?

Remember, your pleasure is not just a selfish afterthought.  

It’s not something that needs to be compartmentalized to evenings, weekends, and holidays or other special occasions. 

I’ve heard pleasure described as a commodity - something that’s outside of you, that you need to buy or sell, in order to experience.

I’ve also heard pleasure described as a birthright - something we all have access to and are worthy and deserving of, just for being alive.

I like to think of pleasure as a natural and required part of vibrant living - where you feel fully alive, fully expressed, and fully turned on to life and all it has to offer.

Pleasure is simply a part of living fully.

And it’s no surprise that incorporating pleasure into your day-to-day provides you with countless health benefits - from emotional to physical to mental to spiritual.

Benefits like better energy, improved mood, healthier libido, more efficient metabolism, and balanced hormones.

True, full health.

Vibrant Health.

What I like to call feeling Hot, Happy, and Healthy.

But, like so many women today, you may have lost sight of the fact that pleasure is something you are meant to experience on a daily basis.

You may feel that you don’t deserve pleasure until all the work is done, until you’ve “earned” it. 

You may not even know exactly what pleasure really means. 

Or what experiencing more on a daily basis would even look like for you. 

If you’re living from the “pleasure is a commodity” way of thinking, hearing me encourage you to bring more pleasure into your day-to-day may have you feeling stressed and overwhelmed - I can hear your inner dialogue now - “but I’m so BUSY, I can’t possibly add something else to my already overpacked schedule!!”

Or, “yes, sounds great, I’m totally on board, I just have to get through this work issue/family challenge/fill-in-the-blank situation first, and then I’ll be able to focus on myself…”

I hear so many women’s reasons why they are putting off their vibrance, waiting to live their Hot, Happy, Healthy lives until some point in the future when they feel they can finally focus on themselves. 

Not that these other situations aren’t real or pressing.

But the truth is that our health is being impacted now, today, by what we’re choosing or not choosing for ourselves. 

And pleasure, with all its many benefits, doesn’t have to be complicated or hard to fit in. 

Pleasure isn’t something we need to put off or wait for. 

Because at its essence, Pleasure is a Choice. 

It’s a choice that leads to viewing your day-to-day experience in a different way. 

Looking for, focusing on, and choosing what lights you up, what turns you on, what satisfies you, what you enjoy, what makes you laugh, what feels good. 

It is here for you - right here and right now.

In the midst of whatever is going on for you, bits of pleasure throughout your day can help lift you up, soothe you, calm you, ground you. 

And the more you build this muscle for yourself, the easier it will become to choose to focus on pleasure, to invite pleasure in, to turn the Pleasure Experience into the Pleasure Lifestyle. 

And, of course, to reap all of the health benefits of a life fully lived. 

So this week, I invite you to choose pleasure. 

If you’re not sure how, I invite you to join my 5-Day Pleasure Challenge - I designed this specifically for busy women who want more pleasure and fun in their day-to-day, but have no idea where to begin. Click here to sign up.

If you’re a woman who’s fed up with how you’ve been feeling and you want to feel amazing again, I invite you to schedule a free Discovery Session with me, where together we can dive into what’s going on with your health, what’s holding you back from getting the results you want, and most importantly, how to get there. 

To Your Best Health,
Dr. Kendall Ritz